CAVStra’s is a chauffeured only Van rental service (Always with driver) unless otherwise specified is an 10 hour package per day. By booking with us you acknowledge that you have read and understood this agreement and that you agree to these set terms and conditions.


  • Vehicle
  • Chauffeur/Driver
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Government tax


  • Fuel or Gasoline
  • Tolls
  • Parking fees if applicable
  • Driver’s meals if applicable
  • Driver’s accommodation if applicable

Terms & Conditions

  • Service commence at the time indicated in your booking and ends at the time you returned to your final destination.
  • If arrival time is 15 minutes or more over the number of hours agreed upon then you will be charge the full overtime rate of 200 php.
  • You are encourage to confirm the starting gasoline quantity at the commencement of service.
  • The renter agrees to put the fuel back to to it’s original quantity at the final destination.
  • A 100% none smoking is imposed in all our fleet so please refrain from smoking in or near the vehicle at all times.
  • It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure that there is no excessive staining, pet hairs or soiling attributed by the renter’s and his or her companion’s use of the vehicle.
  • A cleaning fee of 500 php will be charge if the vehicle requires more than the usual standard cleaning upon it’s return.
  • A Maximum of 4 hours overtime is allowed after the 4 hours a full day service fee will apply.
  • We accept cancellation without fee 48 hour (2 days) before the actual service after that a 200 php cancellation fee applies.
  • Tolls, parking fees, gasoline are not included and you as the renter agrees to shoulder this expenses.
  • Driver’s meal should be provided by the renter on a full day service, any booking extension if it falls on meal time and overnight or more booking.
  • Driver’s accommodation should be provided by the renter if it’s an overnight or more service.
  • Renter and all passengers agree to ensure that any valuables are not left inside the vehicle as CAVStra or it’s driver will not be held liable for any losses.
  • Renter and all passengers agree to ensure that no illegal substance, goods, object, contraband, firearms, explosives and any other hazardous substance are transported on the vehicle.
  • Renter and all passengers agrees to wear their seat belts at all times while the vehicle is moving.
  • Renter agrees to ensure that the number of passengers are the same as the number of sitting capacity with seat belts of the vehicle.
  • Renter and all passengers agree that they will not smoke inside the vehicle.
  • Renter agrees not to allow any animals inside the vehicle at anytime.
  • Renter and all passengers agree not to tamper or vandalized any fixtures on the vehicle.
  • Renter acknowledges and agrees that the vehicle will not be overloaded and transport weight outside of it’s maximum payload.
  • Renter agrees that vehicle is not to be used during natural calamity like heavy rains and excessive flooding.
  • Renter agrees that only our authorized driver will be allowed to drive the vehicle.
  • Renter agrees that the driver will keep the key of the vehicle.

Payments/Deposit Requirement

  • Deposit of 500 php per day will be required to confirm your booking.
  • Deposit will be deducted from your total payment
  • Full payment must be made prior to commencement of service. If paying to the driver cash is the only mode of payment accepted.
  • Extensions or overtime can be paid directly to the driver by cash.
  • Driver will not commence service if necessary payment is not made.

**Please ensure you request an official receipt for any cash payments given to the driver at the end of your service.

Payment Option

  • Cash deposit to our BPI account
  • Pay by credit card or Paypal through our website or invoice if requested.
  • GCash

What you need to provide before your booking is confirmed:

  • Renter MUST provide 1 forms of valid government issued identification
  • Proof of payment of your deposit

**Send us this via email to or through FB messenger using our FB account at

Early Return

Renter will not receive any credits for any unused time if the vehicle is returned before the expiration of the rental period nor if it was used less than the allocated time.


  • Cancellation MUST be made 48 hours prior to the service otherwise a 200 php cancellation fee will apply.
  • Refund for cancellation will be returned back to the customer 1 week after the service supposed commencement via Gcash only.